“I started GP tuition lessons with Mr Irwin See when I was in JC1, and I daresay it’s one of the most enjoyable tuition classes I have ever had! Mr Irwin is more like a friend to us as he never fails to engage the class in insightful discussions with him. Despite the light-hearted and entertaining discussions, invaluable GP techniques were delivered at the same time. The pesky GP essays that I used to dread actually become more manageable with these colourful lessons.”

Jerlyn Ng, Meridian JC
“I remember being very confused about GP when I was in JC. I thought I could rely on my strong command of the English language to score well. But I had no clue how to write essays, and as a result, I often scored poorly for my essays which I thought were ‘well done’.

I was even more skeptical when my mother signed me up for GP tuition. My first response went something like, ‘GP? You sure there’s tuition for that kind of thing?” And of course, there was my wounded pride. Haha.

But attending GP lessons with Mr Irwin was one of the best decisions I ever made. It was with Mr Irwin that I learned that there was more to GP than simply English. Content, arguments, expressions and language flair were all part of the picture and these require not just exposure but proper guidance and effective practice. Attending GP lessons with Mr Irwin was the ideal place for me to acquire and fine-tune all these skills.

Mr Irwin will be to me first and foremost a tutor, teacher, educator and impassioned imparter of not just knowledge but the love of learning.”

Zachary Teo, Raffles Institution
“Mr Irwin never fails to deliver his lessons with much dedication and enthusiasm. Here, lessons are structured and organized such that I am always able to follow closely and grasp the broader themes first. Mr Irwin adequately provides an overview and the larger arguments at the start of every new topic with appropriate mindmaps and flowcharts in his carefully-prepared notes, allowing his students to quickly zoom in to the relevant concepts first. Throughout the 2-hour lesson, he is patient and focused, and is simultaneously able to crack jokes with his witty sense of humour to make the lesson more enjoyable. Additionally, Mr Irwin is resourceful and knowledgeable and this is conveyed in the way he is able to answer his students’ queries very adequately as well as provide extra, pertinent materials for discussion. I’ve enjoyed every single lesson, and I like how Mr See makes learning more interesting than it sounds. : )”

Pang Yi Xian, Meridian JC

“Mr Irwin’s GP lessons have always been extremely organized and well-planned, and thoroughly enjoyable. He breaks down big topics into bite-sized graphs and mind maps, making the subject much less daunting. On a whole, his dedication to running through different topics and making sense of the key concepts and issues makes the different dimensions of the topics easier to grasp. In GP classes, he gives nifty examination tips and discusses relevant topics in an engaging manner. Students are also given ample time to practice, along with close guidance and attention. Thank you Mr Irwin for your help!”

Emily Eng, Raffles Institution

“GP tuition with Mr Irwin has indubitably served as a platform to aid me in enriching my foundation in the subject. Prior to joining Mr Irwin’s GP tuition, I found myself peering down at the sub-pass grade of a GP Paper 2 comprehension paper that we had received as a timed assignment and I felt genuinely disheartened because I believe my school teacher had neither taught the skills necessary to tackle comprehension questions nor given us corrections for most of our assignments. So when my mum recommended that I join Mr Irwin’s GP tuition, I instantly took up the offer and I have never regretted that decision.
Under the tutelage of Mr Irwin, I was taught techniques on writing essays, the various types of language questions, punctuation questions, inferential questions, and the manner in which I should respond to achieve the full marks. Furthermore, we were enriched by notes that Mr Irwin had painstakingly made on how to write your summary, argumentative question, introduction and concluding paragraphs for GP Papers 1 and 2. Very often Mr Irwin would also augment our content knowledge by going through articles that were related to certain GP themes. Through his wonderful teaching, I managed to emerge as the Top in Level for General Paper consecutively for major examinations and I have Mr Irwin to thank for that! I would definitely recommend Mr Irwin’s GP tuition to any JC student who’s in need of academic guidance and who aspire to experience a beneficial teaching style that evokes a passion for General Paper!”

Joshua Chong, Yishun JC
“Mr Irwin taught me GP from the beginning of J1 and I would always look forward to his lessons. I like how he gives structure to a subject that has very little structure as it made studying GP so much easier. He did this through updating us with thought-provoking current affairs every week that served well as content, examples and language tools, teaching us how to vary our sentence structure and language and guiding us in the key elements of a good introduction, body and conclusion as well as AQ. Mr Irwin tapped on articles for Paper 1 content and occasionally sample essays which were effective due to the thorough analysis he did in class. His ample Paper 2 practices were not just good practices but also supplemental to topics I was interested in for Paper 1. I also like reading his sample AQs and essays; it’s a joy to read. More importantly, it is very relatable to me as the arguments are well-structured and easy to understand.

Above all, Mr Irwin’s kindness, patience and good sense of humour are what I truly admire as these lessen the stress of studying and make GP more exciting and enjoyable. Indeed, Mr Irwin has demonstrated that ‘education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’. Thank you, Mr Irwin! You’re an excellent writer and GP tutor! ”

Memta Jagtiani, Victoria JC
“Mr Irwin’s GP tuition classes provided me with a highly conducive environment weekly for learning and the honing of skills necessary for General Paper. His teaching methods are both effective and interactive. His lessons also created a friendly learning environment whilst in pursuit of academic excellence. I am truly grateful for Mr Irwin’s guidance which has led me to where I am today. Thank you Mr Irwin!”

Clarence Lee, Catholic JC

“I’m very satisfied with the great improvement for my A-level GP results. Previously, I have never passed my GP paper in school exams, but with Mr Irwin’s guidance, I managed to pass my GP paper with a good grade and got into the course which I wanted. Mr Irwin’s GP tuition class never bores me with his lively teaching style and he will make sure no one is left out in the class.”

Wang Mu Xin, Temasek JC
““Dear Mr Irwin, thank you so much for the past one year of fun and interactive lessons! I always looked forward to classes on Sunday because there were so many takeaways – not just English as a language itself, but also about world issues in general. I enjoyed reading the articles that you prepared for us, especially since I was and still am someone who don’t read the papers regularly (oops HAHA). All in all, under your guidance, I was able to see GP in a new light, and I am really thankful for that!

Catherine Ang, Meridian JC

ACTIVE – GP tuition lessons with Mr Irwin are engaging and definitely not a dreadful task!

ADEPT – Mr Irwin’s vast knowledge and insights in many areas have made me appreciate the “malicious” subject GP

AMIABLE – Mr Irwin is a friendly tutor who makes it easy for people to approach him if there are any queries

With 3 Aces, there’s no reason for not joining Mr Irwin’s GP tuition right away and improve your grades for GP!”

Edwin Wong, Millennia Institute
“Mr Irwin’s GP tuition lessons have benefitted me tremendously even though it was only for a short 5 months. The discussions about various controversial issues that we engage in almost every lesson challenged me to stretch and think critically about these issues and how they can be applied in the GP context. Mr Irwin’s tips and skills on Essay writing and Comprehension have helped me to be more focused in tackling certain questions in the respective papers. Lessons are always kept lively, interactive and refreshing!

Thank you Mr Irwin! ”

Merissa Boh, Raffles Institution
“I definitely benefitted tremendously from the short (but productive) period of time that I joined Mr Irwin’s GP tuition. Mr Irwin is a great tutor who gives us deep insights on issues around the world, builds up our vocabulary bank and teaches us tips and tricks on how to tackle various comprehension/essay questions. His explanations are extremely clear and he is always patient in answering our doubts. GP lessons are very engaging and lively in his class. Additionally, Mr Irwin is not only a good teacher when it comes to teaching, he is also very understanding towards his students and cares about their well-being.

Thank you Mr Irwin! To sum up, Mr Irwin’s GP tuition lessons are simply AMAZING!”

Florence Wee, Tampines JC
“Learning GP with Mr Irwin was a good experience. Mr Irwin is a very experienced tutor who provided a fine balance and comprehensive teaching of the content and skills required to score well for the ‘A’-Level General Paper examination. His dedication and hard work was what helped me gradually improve from an ‘E’ grade in the JC1 mid-term examinations to an ‘A’ grade in both the prelims and the ‘A’-Level examinations. I would highly recommend students to take his GP tuition classes!”

Enan Goh, Victoria JC

“I enjoy going for Mr Irwin’s GP tuition classes as the lessons are very enjoyable! Mr Irwin is very interactive and we are able to share our answers. This allows us to learn from one another’s mistakes as we undergo the process of mastering different skills which are important in GP. Mr Irwin motivates his students and has made the studying of GP very fun!”

Jolene Tan, St. Andrew’s JC
“Mr Irwin’s GP tuition lessons really helped me understand different topics of GP and read up on relevant case sources. I could then be confident in answering different types of essay questions as well the various types of questions for the comprehension paper.

Thank you Mr Irwin!”

Seo Kyung Peo, Temasek JC
“The ability of the Mr Irwin to capture the essence of GP question requirements and formulate accurate answers to impart to students has equipped me with the ability to think in a versatile manner. His approach to making learning GP effortless is the mark of an ace teacher – a rare individual amongst the pool of teachers in Singapore!”

Nur Liyana Firdaus, Yishun JC
“An amazing tutor, Mr Irwin is one who makes learning GP effective and enjoyable! He employs simple yet powerful methods which focus on fundamentals such as vocabulary and punctuation and through these methods, learning to improve my language has become much less of a chore.

Equipped with knowledge of diverse fields, Mr Irwin is able to competently answer any queries students pose to him – including those which are non-GP related. Additionally, content materials for his classes are not only up to date, but are also from a multitude of sources. As such, students are taught how to both widen their search for content, as well as effectively dissect and analyze it thereafter.

All in all, Mr Irwin has provided me with a wholesome and holistic learning experience, thereby enlightening me about the complex and diverse issues present in GP, including how they are interlinked and the relevance to which it is applied to our daily lives.

Thank you Mr Irwin!”

Wilson Yeo, ‘A’-Level Private Candidate
“Dear Mr Irwin, thank you so much for the wonderful GP lessons the past year! I loved how your lessons explored different themes which sparked new thoughts and motivated me to discover more about issues raised in class. Learning became interesting and lessons were not mundane drilling with innumerable practices or homework. Your unique ways of teaching essay and comprehension techniques made applying them much easier. I’m very grateful for the fulfilling experience and hope more students will get to benefit from your GP tuition lessons the way I did “

Goh Weiqin, Temasek JC
“It has been an excellent experience attending GP lessons with Mr Irwin. His GP tuition classes equipped me with the necessary knowledge and materials for my independent revision. Most importantly, Mr Irwin’s constant encouragement towards participation in lessons create a lively learning environment which in turn maximised our absorption of the wide spectrum of topics discussed. Overall, I believe that coming for Mr Irwin’s GP tuition class was the best decision I had made in JC as I have seen great improvement in not only my GP grades, but my interest in myriad world issues as well.

Thank you Mr Irwin!”

Lim Fang Jie, Tampines JC
“My GP has never been “not E” for every single test ever since I entered JC, but still, I managed to obtain an ‘A’ grade in the ‘A’-levels eventually, thanks to Mr Irwin and his teaching. Mr Irwin incorporated jokes (even though some are quite lame and we laughed for the sake of saving him from the embarrassment) and liveliness into his lessons. He will also take the effort to know his students and understand their preferred learning methods. For me, he knows that I get bored easily and have to pop sweets occasionally to stay awake. But he managed to get my attention by eyeing my sweets or “suanning” me and his students will always “suan” him in return! You can ‘bully’ him occasionally but don’t do it everyday… even though I’ve never seen him getting angry before. His temper is really too good to be true.

Mr Irwin even made students like me, who was “allergic” to the newspapers, pick up a set of newspapers now and read it willingly everyday because he has made me interested in reading! He puts in effort into every lesson and prepares and designs his own worksheets for us. Hahaha Mr Irwin’s lessons are very fun and I believe he will have many, many students in time to come. Jiayou Mr Irwin!”

Jolene Puey, Dunman High School Integrated Programme
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