Wilson Yeo (private)

‘A’-Level Private Candidate (2014)
Currently: Serving National Service

“An amazing tutor, Mr Irwin is one who makes learning GP effective and enjoyable! He employs simple yet powerful methods which focus on fundamentals such as vocabulary and punctuation and through these methods, learning to improve my language has become much less of a chore.

Equipped with knowledge of diverse fields, Mr Irwin is able to competently answer any queries students pose to him – including those which are non-GP related. Additionally, content materials for his classes are not only up to date, but are also from a multitude of sources. As such, students are taught how to both widen their search for content, as well as effectively dissect and analyze it thereafter.

All in all, Mr Irwin has provided me with a wholesome and holistic learning experience, thereby enlightening me about the complex and diverse issues present in GP, including how they are interlinked and the relevance to which it is applied to our daily lives.

Thank you Mr Irwin!”