Pang Yi Xian (TJC)

Temasek JC (2008 – 2009)
Currently: Teaching in a Secondary School

“Mr Irwin never fails to deliver his lessons with much dedication and enthusiasm. Here, lessons are structured and organized such that I am always able to follow closely and grasp the broader themes first. Mr Irwin adequately provides an overview and the larger arguments at the start of every new topic with appropriate mindmaps and flowcharts in his carefully-prepared notes, allowing his students to quickly zoom in to the relevant concepts first. Throughout the 2-hour lesson, he is patient and focused, and is simultaneously able to crack jokes with his witty sense of humour to make the lesson more enjoyable. Additionally, Mr Irwin is resourceful and knowledgeable and this is conveyed in the way he is able to answer his students’ queries very adequately as well as provide extra, pertinent materials for discussion. I’ve enjoyed every single lesson, and I like how Mr See makes learning more interesting than it sounds. : )