Joshua Chong (YJC)

Yishun JC (2013 – 2014)
Top student in YJC for GP for both JC1 Promos & JC2 Prelims exams
Currently: Serving National Service

“GP tuition with Mr Irwin has indubitably served as a platform to aid me in enriching my foundation in the subject. Prior to joining Mr Irwin’s GP tuition, I found myself peering down at the sub-pass grade of a GP Paper 2 comprehension paper that we had received as a timed assignment and I felt genuinely disheartened because I believe my school teacher had neither taught the skills necessary to tackle comprehension questions nor given us corrections for most of our assignments. So when my mum recommended that I join Mr Irwin’s GP tuition, I instantly took up the offer and I have never regretted that decision.

Under the tutelage of Mr Irwin, I was taught techniques on writing essays, the various types of language questions, punctuation questions, inferential questions, and the manner in which I should respond to achieve the full marks. Furthermore, we were enriched by notes that Mr Irwin had painstakingly made on how to write your summary, argumentative question, introduction and concluding paragraphs for GP Papers 1 and 2. Very often Mr Irwin would also augment our content knowledge by going through articles that were related to certain GP themes. Through his wonderful teaching, I managed to emerge as the Top in Level for General Paper consecutively for major examinations and I have Mr Irwin to thank for that! I would definitely recommend Mr Irwin’s GP tuition to any JC student who’s in need of academic guidance and who aspire to experience a beneficial teaching style that evokes a passion for General Paper!”