Jolene Puey (Dunman High)

Dunman High School Integrated Programme (IP)
Currently: Studying Business Administration at NUS

“My GP has never been “not E” for every single test ever since I entered JC, but still, I managed to obtain an ‘A’ grade in the ‘A’-levels eventually, thanks to Mr Irwin and his teaching. Mr Irwin incorporated jokes (even though some are quite lame and we laughed for the sake of saving him from the embarrassment) and liveliness into his lessons. He will also take the effort to know his students and understand their preferred learning methods. For me, he knows that I get bored easily and have to pop sweets occasionally to stay awake. But he managed to get my attention by eyeing my sweets or “suanning” me and his students will always “suan” him in return! You can ‘bully’ him occasionally but don’t do it everyday… even though I’ve never seen him getting angry before. His temper is really too good to be true.

Mr Irwin even made students like me, who was “allergic” to the newspapers, pick up a set of newspapers now and read it willingly everyday because he has made me interested in reading! He puts in effort into every lesson and prepares and designs his own worksheets for us. Hahaha Mr Irwin’s lessons are very fun and I believe he will have many, many students in time to come. Jiayou Mr Irwin!”